Some pointers that may help newcomers...let's call it an orientation. :)

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Some pointers that may help newcomers...let's call it an orientation. :)

Post by fahmy on Mon Aug 02, 2010 7:57 am

Attention: for total beginners as well as veteran forumers.

If you're not familiar with online forums in general there is always a golden rule: don't be afraid to experiment. Take a look around, check out what the forum has to offer, go in and out of links and read posts..and finally cross that brave and mighty obstacle that many have feared to tread: make a post! We would all love to hear it. Try all the buttons, check out the Calender for upcoming events (it's up there on the left). You might have noticed the little black pyramid to the left of the forums that often turns yellow. Well it's not a colour test designed to drive you crazy (although it might be a tempting prospect)..the yellow pyramid means there are new posts that you haven't checked out in that particular forum since your last visit. There is also another way to find them out: click on the 'View new posts since last visit' at the upper left of the home page.

One important aspect I would advise everyone to check is your own profile - available via the 'Profile' button in the upper red menu. Particularly the 'Preferences' section inside, in which for example you can turn your signature on and off, or check off the box which sends you an email every time someone responds to a post you made.

Under any thread in the forum you will find an option that allows you to track it or not via the 'Watch this topic for replies' or 'Stop watching this topic' link. This one sends you an email every time someone responds to a post you made in that particular thread. ('Thread' does not refer to a thin hair of cotton hovering over your screen, it is simply another name for 'Topic' - I just put it there to confuse you that's all).

There are various ways to design your post. You can for example choose to attach a poll to it, or include videos or images. This forum has a very special smiley for The Pharaohs, you will find the dude with the hat and flag...we kidnapped him from Cairo Stadium. There is also an elephant smiley in there, I'm sure that will come in very handy.

In the end, you can inquire about anything else concerning the forum right here. I really hope you enjoy yourselves, and welcome to our community. I hope you enjoyed this orientation as much as I did. farao

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